Google’s Pixel 2 to feature more improved camera but come with even higher price tag


After Google hitting the Jackpot with the first Pixel Series Smartphone which has now become as the most demanded Smartphone from Google on Verizon shelf, that it has become quite difficult to provide the handset as per the demand which results in out of Stock banner. Now Google is focusing on the next-generation ‘Pixel 2’ with the numerous & improved feature.

According to the Source, Google main focus is on the improvement of the camera in next-generation ‘Pixel 2’ and the device is currently being tested with improved chipsets from two different manufacturers, one is surely the HTC that because the new Pixel-2 will retain even higher price than the first Pixel.

More interestingly, Google Pixel 2 would bring ‘waterproofing,’ as considering that the Pixel 2’s most important upcoming rivals — the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8 — will be waterproof, it seems very likely that Google will also want to offer the feature.

Google is aiming to master low light photography with the next-generation device, you won’t see additional to pixel size but will rather “compensate in extra features” In the Pixel 2

As for the price of the next Pixel, Google is expecting that there will be “at least” a $50 USD increase in price after the success of first Gen Pixel. What do you think about Pixel 2 pricing, share your thoughts in our comment section down below?

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