Samsung Galaxy S8 Real-life Image Surface online along with its release date


Another day, another leak emerges online regarding new Samsung Galaxy S8. The latest one is about the release date as well as first alleged photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8 surfaces and its looks pretty awesome.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 comes without Home button, not much bezel and no headphone jack that what the rumors suggest us. The New Galaxy S8 live images look exactly the same as the new S8 rumored to have.

The Image raises some question about its authenticity – where are the on-screen keys? Keys are might be given either side of the Samsung logo and they just aren’t lit up at the moment now we find any symbol for the Keys.


If it is a ‘photoshop, it’s a very well-made one and seems to get all the rumored details right, so this is pretty much what the S8 should look like even if this photo isn’t the real thing.

Industry insiders suggested that the Samsung GALAXY S8 could launch on April 18 which is quite late compared to the releases of previous flagships. For comparison Galaxy S7/S7 Edge was released last year on March 11.

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