[Update] Samsung is going to unfold the Foldable Hybrid Smartphone/Tablet in Q3 2017



Samsung has been working on foldable smartphone displays for a number of years as it requires more research and experiments before going to the Final production line. Now Samsung is in the final stage of bringing the change by developing commercial devices with foldable screens.

According to a report from The Korea Herald, Sources familiar with the matter told the Korean news site that Samsung is preparing 100,000 units of the device, which would also fold out to be used as a 7-inch tablet.


The company, however, is still to decide firmly whether to launch it or not, because of marketability and profitability issues. These smartphones wouldn’t be a part of the Galaxy S Series and have so far been codenamed Project Valley.

However with the new leaks, apparently, its screen panel faces outward, and when unfolded, it becomes an 18cm (7″) tablet of sorts. This means that you could carry a phone and tablet together.


Samsung biggest Korean Rival LG is also chasing Samsung in this technology, and LG foldable Smartphone technology is said to be even more advanced, as it allegedly has started with the fold-out probes from the very beginning. The device will come in a limited quantity to measure desirability first.

[UPDATE] – These are concept images of Samsung foldable Smartphone, While we are not sure whether the final product from Samsung will end up looking anything close to this, it does give us a glimpse of how a Hybrid smartphone/ tablet can look like.