The uArm Swift can be Your Personal Robotic Assistant for About $200


We all Wish sometimes that it would be better if we had more than two hands it will surely make our day-to-day work easy. Now a Chinese start-up is hoping to do the same with robot arms which will act as a Helping Hand in your Life.

“We really think [a robot arm] can make lives easier for people,” says Tony Le, one of three co-founders of uFactory, a start-up in Southern China that builds desktop robot appendages dubbed the uArm.

Their product called the uArm Swift is not just a regular robotic arm that is already pre-programmed from the UFACTORY but one that can also learn your favorite tasks every day. It is not only a robotic arm that you can own, but also a chance to decide how you want to involve robot technology in your life.

High Precision (uArm Swift Pro)

uArm Swift Pro moves quietly, smoothly and accurately enough to handle delicate tasks such as,

  1. Drawing,
  2. Laser engraving,
  3. Light painting.


Easy to Use

  • Offline Learning Mode

Simply plug, press and play. “Teach”uArm Swift (Pro) with your hand, without a computer.



  • Multiple End-effectors

uArm Swift/uArm Swift Pro have three standard end-effectors to choose from:

Suction cup (default),

Metallic Gripper,

Universal holder.


Gesture control


The uArm Swift is an open sourced Arduino-based desktop robotic arm “whose capabilities depends on your creativity”. Available in two variants: the uArm swift and uArm Swift Pro, both versions are made from square aluminum alloys and have a 4-axis parallel-mechanism structure. The uArm Swift can be programmed to do a number of tasks from light painting to laser engraving to 3D printing and even to pick up drinks and serve to guests.


Named the uArm Swift and Swift Pro, the base model is selling for an early-bird price of $209, while the Pro goes for $299. These prices, Le says, is cheaper than all other competitions out there. The uArm Swift and Swift Pro are on Indiegogo now, and the company promises shipment will be ready by May.

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