Guess Who’s making Galaxy S8 batteries – Is Samsung turning to new battery supplier?

As the previous report indicated that Samsung has halted the launching of Galaxy S8 due to concerned over its battery as Samsung wants to test again and wanted to be sure that everything is all right and Safe. It looks like Samsung has not yet settled exactly on which batteries are going to be used in the upcoming Galaxy S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 launching date now has been shifted to mid-April, which means it should head to mass-production soon if it’s not already there. Samsung still be using its subsidiary Samsung SDI to make Galaxy S8 batteries which are the same company that made one of the two types of batteries that powered the Galaxy Note 7.

According to Business Korea reports the company is considering using batteries from Japanese company Murata Manufacturing Co., which purchased Sony’s battery subsidiary last June. Furthermore, Samsung is also considering ATL for Galaxy S8 batteries as well, which is the Chinese battery maker that also provided Galaxy Note 7 batteries last year.

“We are still discussing whether to use Japanese batteries additionally while using Samsung SDI’s batteries first,” an official from Samsung said. “We haven’t still decided yet whether to use batteries from China’s ATL at the same time.”

Samsung is believed to be sourcing Galaxy S8 batteries primarily from Samsung SDI. However, In case the market demand exceeds, then Samsung will be seeking for a secondary battery supplier just like Galaxy Note 7 as earlier, Samsung SDI supplied 70 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 batteries, while China’s ATL supplied the remaining 30 percent.

The Galaxy S8 will be unveiled during a special Unpacked press conference in late March, and the phone will then be released in various markets in mid-April.