Nokia reaching Globally – Here’s the List Of Nokia’s First Possible launch markets

I know we all are waiting desperately to buy new Nokia Smartphone but we don’t when we will get lucky enough to get a Nokia device as Nokia doesn’t show any sign of moving outside of China but things are going to take drastically change in coming month as list of possible launch markets for Nokia’s upcoming Android devices has just surfaced online and that tell us Nokia is making its first move towards being global.

The list is mostly based on official support websites launched by HMD Global in recent weeks, which shows the good indication of markets on which Nokia is initially planning to focus in the coming months.

Here’s the list of possible launch markets for Nokia’s upcoming Android devices:-

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. Spain
  5. Finland
  6. Poland
  7. Ukraine
  8. Russia
  9. India
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Taiwan
  12. Philippines
  13. Malaysia
  14. Vietnam
  15. South Africa

No Unites States? Are you Surprised just like us but if we think again than U.S doesn’t make sense in the list that because U.S. is the largest market for premium smartphones in the world while Nokia planning to gradually introduce new devices over the course of this year and will initially be focused on entry-level and mid-range offerings. So Nokia is not in a Hurry to return back in U.S until it’s gets ready to launch a true flagship device.

Devices that are expected to be released by Nokia in the coming months include the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and the Nokia 6 that already debuted in China, as well as a revised version of the Nokia 3310.

India is surely gonna be a major country for Nokia as the demand and love for entry-level and mid-range smartphone are high and additional to that a Nokia phone will act as a cherry on the top. We will get more details on Nokia’s future plans tomorrow at MWC 2017 conference.