Is this the OLDEST mobile phone in Britain? as Ex-soldier claims to be using oldest Nokia 3310 phone

I am sure we all have some of the memory with Legendary Nokia 3310 because its more than just a simple phone as it is the phone which has bought the Revaluation in 90’s where everybody goes gaga  over this phone, It has changed the Nokia destiny completely making it most selling Smartphone on the Earth. While some of Nokia 3310 are still ticking but did you know which one is the oldest Nokia 3310, so lets us unwrap the oldest Nokia 3310 for you….

Dave Mitchell, 49 – claims his mobile phone in this oldest being used in Britain – a 17-year-old Nokia 3310 which survived a tour of Iraq and his washing machine. He bought the 90s classic in 2000 and has never looked at getting a replacement for the indestructible phone he says is made out ‘kryptonite’.

As a reminder, it the first mobile phone in India and was extremely popular among lovers of Nokia 3310. There was a time when the phone was a combination of durability and was considered a status symbol.

Dave has taken the mobile with him during a decade of service in the army and has taken the phone on tours of Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan and Germany. The phone has been thrown, stood on, dropped, gone through the washing machine and dipped in curry sauce.

Dave Mitchell reckons it might be the oldest working phone in the country (Picture: Ross Parry)

“Each time I’ve just cleaned it up, dried it off, turned it on again and it’s worked. It’s like it’s made of kryptonite – it’s indestructible – says Dave

‘A lot of people laugh at me but when push comes to shove their phones break much more easily,’ he said. ‘I try not to look too smug when I see someone with a cracked screen.’

Dave says, “It’s still the best moves to charge it once within 10 days.” That something extraordinary achievement that today Smartphone cannot even think to achieve it.

David says, “Over time, if the scratch has come, but it is still in working condition. I take the photographs from the DSLR camera, and I don’t take Selfie”

“If I’m bored and I’ve got a spare moment I have Snake on my phone. It’s a fantastic game.

‘I’m not a dinosaur and I know how new technology works – but I don’t want to be looking at my phone every minute.

Mr Mitchell insists he is going to keep the phone for as long as he can: “I see no need to change it. I would be distraught if I lost it.”

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