Quick Review: MI VR Play is a Quality VR from Xiaomi at a very Affordable priceReview 

Since its launch, the Xiaomi Mi VR Play has been on sale for Rs 999 and doing exceptionally good. Xiaomi Has launched the Mi VR with Google Cardboard apps in India Hence which mean you won’t get the Headstrap with it as per New Google VR Rules and Regulation.

This comes as a Surprise as they didn’t launch their own MI VR app in India and in this Review we gonna unwrap the beauty of this app. This is a Quick Review of Mi VR so without wasting the time much let’s get started.

NOTE; The Review belongs to the Xiaomi VR Play (Chinese Version) which comes with the Headstrap.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play: Design and build

Its Simple design and Lycra Finishing make Xiaomi MI VR stand out of the crowds. The shell of the Mi VR Play is neither plastic nor cardboard; it is crafted using Lycra fabric, which does a fair job to keep it light which definitely makes it easier to wear for prolonged duration and makes it comfortable while holding it. There are three adjustable straps to hold it against your face (If you buy From China)

Other than this it’s two-way Zip Design that makes sure that your Smartphone remains inside the VR comfortably and it also helps to adjust your earphone wire in any direction as per your comfort. Inside you will see a thick foam and rubber padding to keep the smartphone fixed at one position even when you are moving your head. It’s also very easy to slot in any 4.7-inch to the 5.7-inch phone (including iPhones).

Xiaomi Mi VR Play: Experience

The overall experience was pretty good and much comfortable with three-way strap support without which the Xiaomi Mi Vr Play is incomplete. We have tried it with several VR premium apps likes Fulldive, Coastiality VR and Xiaomi Very own MIUI VR app which is tremendous as it gets updated with new content within the week and mostly with High Definition and Entertaining shows.

There’s a textured button on the top of the Mi VR Play which is used for navigation in various apps and games. Pressing it triggers a smaller button on the inside of the VR headset which presses against your phone’s screen to register a tap. The anti-reflective lens of MI VR does a fair job. Where many of the budget VR headsets offer 100-degree field of view, Mi VR Play is limited to 75 degrees.

XIAOMI MI VR PROBLEMS:- We all know that Xiaomi VR Play is missing most important element in Indian Variants that it three-way-strap support which is very essential for holding the VR on your head rather than holding with your hand, which eventually can turn into a painful job but the question is Why Xiaomi didn’t include the Headstrap in the Indian Variant the answer has given below in this video

XIAOMI MI VR SOLUTION: – As we have Introduced to the Xiaomi MI VR biggest problem we also have its solution also as shown in this video below:-

Xiaomi Mi VR Play: Final Verdict

❝Xiaomi VR Play feels like holding a piece of Art thanks to its Lycra design and the cherry on the top is its MIUI VR app which includes Entertaining and very Intresting High Quality Video’s not only from China but around the Globe thus it has become my personal favorite VR app❞

The Xiaomi VR Play verdict is pretty short and simple, but the Xiaomi MI VR Play (Indian Version) which comes without the headstrap and MI VR app is totally not worth it at all, it like buying a Car without the tires that because here most essential part of MI VR is missing the headstrap itself and the MI VR app adding these two things on MI VR Kit makes the Xiaomi VR Play stand out of the crowd in this Rs 999 segment

Here, only Xiaomi Mi VR (Chinese Version) makes sense over here with the Headstrap and Mi VR included in the Kit who has made my experience with MI VR pretty much unforgettable and so would goes for you. You can buy Xiaomi Mi VR from Aliexpress for less than the Rs 999 in hassle free payment even you debit Visa card are accepted here. So be a Smart buyer and buy it from Aliexpress without sacrificing any of its essential elements, links given below.

NOTE: The rating given below is for Xiaomi MI VR (Chinese Version) as shown in the above images too. If it was the Indian Version I would have given it to 5/10 rating.

Xiaomi MI VR Play


Design and Build




Comfort Level


Ease of use





  • Lycra build quality
  • Two-Way Zip Design
  • Action Button
  • MIUI VR App


  • Uncomfortable Headstrap