Have you Witness the mesmerizing landing of SpaceX Rocket back on Earth?

The SpaceX’s latest rocket landing images look like from a Sci-fi movie and these images are the proof that Science has become so advance in the field of Space technology that it has achieved the new heights and all credits goes to Elon Musk’s and his team for the success of SpaceX rocket Falcon 9 safe landing.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket Falcon 9 has recently made a perfect landing at Kennedy Space Center after delivering food and other goods for the six astronauts on board the International Space Statio

In the Video, you can see a camera drone hover in the distance as the Falcon 9 re-entered the atmosphere, executed a perfect shot through the clouds and settled on SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral. The feeling of SpaceX rocket Falcon 9 safe landing is tremendous, no matter how hard it was for Elon Musk’s after several failed attempt including the launch pad explosion in September 2016 he didn’t give it easily and now Elon Musk’s might be sitting on his favourite chair and Cheering up his SpaceX rocket success with the champagne bottle

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We’ll let us tell you that this is the third time a SpaceX rocket has successfully landed on solid land, while five other successful landings having been registered on sea-based platforms. Elon Musk, the main motto is to be the first man to send the bunch of people to Mars, as early as 2022.