Are Android smartphones boosting the sports gambling industry

The sports betting Industry is booming at a very high rate over the past couple of years. The main reason for this high rise is due to the influence of Remote technology in this Industry. Remote technology such as the internet and mobile phones coming together makes everything so much easy and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Technology comes handy as it provides gambling on the move, whenever and wherever you want. Since it’s not possible to always be near a computer or mouse thus mobile phones are an ideal medium for betting and gambling.

We also can’t neglect the importance of Android making betting and gambling so popular among the youth as Android has the greatest part of shares in the market. In short, Android is currently the most preferred OS when it’s comes to smartphones.

According to IDC “The worldwide smartphone market grew 1.1% year over year in 2016Q3, with 363.2 million shipments, Android dominated the market with 86.8% share in 2016Q3 while iOS saw its market share for 2016Q3 grow by 12.7%” Well This literally means that nearly nine out of 10 smartphones in the world run Google’s OS.

The Android Smartphone has grown rapidly in the last decade so does the consumption of Apps, Online Gaming, Shopping site etc has been seen increasing with the increasing number of Android Smartphones. With the growth of Android Smartphones, there has been seen the rise in betting and sports gambling apps and sites continuously.

Smartphone betting, all required is real-time access to data about the event to be bet on like – a horse race, a soccer match, tennis match etc, further gambler can check on their bets and if there are not satisfied with it they can place a new one. Online sites come handy when you are in search of the perfect sports betting site or app because they’ll bring you a fair and impartial review of top betting sites before you decide to join up and bet and provide an overall star rating.

The mobile sports betting is the future of mobile gambling/betting and Android is making it all possible by reaching in the hands of most of the players where all they have to do is sit back on their favorite sofa relax a little bit and start betting on their favorite Games and their players.