Google working on another Flagship Device larger than the Pixel XL

Google might be tense seeing the large size of the upcoming device from their competitors like – LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 and the recent success of LG G6 is enough to raise the eyebrow of anybody including Google.

You must be familiar that the Google has codenamed the upcoming 2017 Pixel devices “muskie” and “walleye.” Well, now the third device under codename “taimen” has been added to the list by Google, which will be larger than the current Google’s Pixel XL.

It has been reported that “taimen” will have a bigger screen than “muskie” and “walleye” but how large new “taimen” would be? That’s the question which nobody has the answer to it. We assume it would be 5.8inch matching the liking of LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy s8 or else a 6inch just like previous Nexus 6.

Rick Osterloh (Google’s head of hardware) has already confirmed that the second-generation Google Pixel(s) will be released this year. There are chances that this Google device apparently might not fall into the Pixel family.  If the rumors are true, we might see two Pixel Phones and a Larger than life Phone from Google this year.

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