Samsung Galaxy S8 pricing leaked get ready to pay more

Samsung Galaxy S8 details are leaking like water from the tap we get to see so many details and leaked day-by-day and now adding to those a new detail has emerged online about the Samsung Galaxy S8 this time it’s about S8 pricing.

The pricing details has been leaked on Chinese Weibo account that say the prices of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ when it launches in Korea will be the equivalent of 5970 yuan and 6700 yuan, respectively, which, when converted into euros, gives exactly EUR 803 and EUR 901, or as much as Evan Blass tipped recently.

Well, this year user has to shed more money on their favorite flagship devices as all flagships this year will be more expensive than their predecessors due to their chassis redesign and extra features. Considering the Europe pricing, the Expected price in the US for Samsung Galaxy S8 will be between $750-$850 range at various carriers, barring any launch promos or discounts.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ should be unveiled on March 29th in New York City. Well, expect the number of Samsung Galaxy S8 units reserved up to the 400,000 units so there is plenty for everyone.

The LG G6 is already more expensive than the G5 at launch in the US, and Samsung will likely follow suit, and the Apple OLED iPhone 8 also likely to hit 1000$ mark. So are you ready to loosen up your Wallet for your Galaxy S8 device tells us in the comment below?

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