Top 5 New Nokia 3310 features you wish you had in your smartphones

Nokia has marked their presence in MWC in style with the return of iconic Nokia 3310 which has become the star of MWC and brought back the limelight for Nokia once again and was one of the most exciting phones to debut at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow last month.

Nokia’s revived classic is a charming little phone that brings back many of the best features from the original Nokia 3310, which was released some 17 years ago and would go on to become one of the biggest-selling devices for the Finnish technology company.

So here we bring out the 5 best feature of New Nokia 3310 that you wish you had in your smartphone here –

UK Carphone Warehouse says, “Nokia 3310 has seen ten times more pre-registration interest than any of the other flagship devices revealed this year – and every other year”

Online UK retailer Clove has posted a listing for the hotly-anticipated device, which lists the UK release date as May. In Short it means Nokia fans still have at least a month-and-a-half to wait before they have the chance to get their hands on the re-imagined Nokia 3310. Join New Nokia 3310 fb page here