Did you played all new ‘Ye Bik Gayi Hai Gormint’ Aunty Android Game?

I am sure many of you aware of Aunty Bharwi who went viral because of her famous ‘yeh bik gayi hai gormint’ rant and we don’t blame her. One of the most powerful & honest women of our lifetime, Aunty Gormint, took the world by a storm after her incredibly truthful interview went viral on the internet.

The video is a deleted clip and wasn’t aired on Pakistani television because it isn’t TV friendly. In no time, social media users started making memes on the video and circulating them like a fire in the forest and now Aunty Gormint has got her own Android game dedicated to “yeh bik gayi hai gormint”

“An entertaining game inspired from the panache of didactic aunt enlightening the world with her rant “YE BIK GAYE HAI GORMINT”.

This malign aunt has taken a step further of belabouring the government. So get yourself spliced with the strife the aunt has fostered and sate her anger from her adversities by proliferating the score as much as you can. Buying her all the tools from the repository from the coins you earn in the game to pamper her and make her unflappable”

The game has been launched in previous week and had got the rating of 4.9 in Playstore Apps till now and it’s so much fun to play all you have to do is to target the different political party symbol and earns coin  as you progress you’ll get different type of weapon to target political party symbol like knife, gun etc.

As for Aunty Gormint, here are some famous meme that made her famous not only here but internationally too and Download the game from below.

Download Ye Bik gayi Gormint Game from Playstore