Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Note 8 launch this year with all new Design

If you still have any doubt in your mind about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 whether Samsung will dare to launch the Galaxy Note 8 or not after Note 7 Fiasco, then its time to clear all your doubt as for its happening.  Samsung just confirmed that a high-end smartphone is planned for the second half of the year and that none other than Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung previewed the year ahead in a press release announcing its financial results for the first quarter of the year, saying that it plans to “successfully” launch “a new flagship smartphone in the second half.”

Though Samsung may not have named the Galaxy Note 8 specifically in its press release, but we already know that a new Galaxy Note arrives each year in August or September.

Previously, Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh already confirmed in early 2017 that he planned to bring a better, safer, and very innovative Galaxy Note 8 to market this year, quenching rumors that Samsung was looking to kill the Galaxy Note brand following the recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

As for the specs, Samsung will increase the size of the display from the Note 7’s 5.7 inches to 6.2inches possibility of a 4K Ultra HD screen on the horizon for VR purposes also. Well it’s highly likely that the Galaxy Note 8 will retain the same processors used in the Galaxy S8. That means we’ll either get Samsung’s custom-built Exynos 8995 chipset, or Qualcomm’s similarly powerful Snapdragon 835 chip. Either way, you’ll be getting a chip built on Samsung’s highly efficient 10nm manufacturing process, which means it will be more powerful and less power-hungry paired up by 6GB Ram and standard 128GB Storage.

Another aspect is that Samsung is bringing back the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a Refurbished Unit in Korea with $250 cheaper than the original price sometime in mid-June. Samsung has still not disclosed whether they will bring Galaxy Note 7R in other market or not. Drop your comment and tell us what you think about it?


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