Watch Samsung new Galaxy S8 battery expands on brutal treatment but doesn’t catch fire

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ is the most anticipated smartphones of this year, it seems that some have gotten their hands on a few units earlier and there are doing various unorthodox “test” videos on YouTube.

Well if you are one of them who is still not got over from the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco then you must check out this video as this video give the most satisfying answer to the queries related to the safety of new Galaxy S8 users.

YouTube channel What’s Inside posted a video of the Galaxy S8 being dissembled for the purpose of revealing its internal components. The video begins showing two large suction cups placed on the front and back panel of the device, with the purpose of removing one of the panels but no use. Zack from JerryRigEverything also plays a big part in it, helping take the Gorilla Glass 5 back off the unit.

The Most crucial point was when the video shows the Galaxy S8 being subjected to a brutal treatment and getting sawed in half, at which point the battery starts expanding and smoking as well, but doesn’t catch fire even after when Zack nicked and pocked the battery with a razor blade, the unit doesn’t catch fire and no sparks were observed and then Zack explain why? Listen to him in the video

So this time Samsung has done their homework completely on Galaxy S8 ensuring that the user safety is their first priority. I hope this video clears out some of the dark clouds over the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery uncertainty. Do comments below what you think of it? Are you satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy S8

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