What if Apple decides to design iPhone 8 similar like Samsung Galaxy S8?

Apple wants to craft the next iPhone 8 to be the out of this world and we are looking out the possibility of it, there’s already plenty of iPhone 8 can be found on the internet but nothing come close to the reality until we found out this picture on Instagram Handle @wylsacom

It looks like the futuristic iPhone with the curved display and minimal bezel on top as well as bottom and on top, you get the Selfie camera similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 but with the iOS 10 running inside it rather than Android Nougat.

Galaxy iPhone 8. 👌😆

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Well, in real it’s the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus only nothing else either running an iOS launcher or a screenshot of the iOS but whatever is it either an iOS launcher or Screenshot of iOS it looks stunning on Galaxy S8 plus.

Don’t you think Apple should really consider this design on an iPhone 8 Plus, it will be fabulous to have a curved design and Infinite display on an iPhone? What you say drop your comments below and let us know