The importance of VR Technology in today’s World

Hollywood has shown us the different and interesting uses of virtual reality technology. One of the most popular uses is for gaming with the popularity of Sony’s PlayStation VR gaming experience. But VR technology isn’t just boxed into one category. To simply break it down, here are the other interesting uses of VR technology.


Museums have taken part in the virtual reality industry as well. Since you’ll be deeply immersed in the experience, educators and museums have found a way to better educate students on virtual reality. You can now visit museums and historical landmarks with the use of a virtual reality headset and the appropriate software to feature these important locations. Some museums have also made their collections available through Google Cardboard; this means that you can easily access them with the use of your smartphones.


Aside from gaming, probably the second popular use of virtual reality is for entertainment. Moviegoers can now be thoroughly immersed in the movie experience. They not only watch the movie, but they can feel that they’re in the movie while watching different scenes. The entertainment industry has also picked up virtual reality to promote concerts and events. This is easy when you use advanced VR cameras or 360 cameras like the YI Halo VR 360 camera which not only captures great videos but also exceptional sound with its 3D-360 solution. Once viewers get the feel of how spectacular a show or a concert is, more than likely it would generate more lines and ticket sales.


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Virtual reality can be used as a tool for meditation and for therapeutic care. Patients who suffer from phobias, stress, and anxiety disorders etc. can go through a virtual reality therapy in the comfort of their homes or in a small clinic. This provides patients an alternative course of action to help them cope up with their medical condition. This is another convenient way how medical practitioners can reach out to their customers.

Military Training

As seen in some Hollywood movies, virtual reality is used to train the armed forces. Instead of using real bullets and real guns, they use specially created guns for training. Hooked up to their virtual reality headsets, they can now perform operations and tactical maneuvers safely while being monitored by their superiors. This training also helps enforcers to improve teamwork and coordination once they get into the realistically replicated situations and environment essential in training.


Another method in training surgeons and other medical specialists is through virtual reality. This allows a better understanding of procedures and methods during critical medical operations. This also helps surgeons determine the best way to remove a tumor of a patient. This is done by running simulations and virtual reality surgery before they do the actual operation. This gives doctors a better understanding of what may happen if a specific course of action is taken. This is also a tool that can be used by medical schools to help them produce well-trained surgeons and doctors.

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