MIUI 9 will be solving the two biggest problems of Xiaomi Devices? List of Mi devices

Xiaomi MIUI 9 will come with the features based upon upcoming Android O and will be really smooth and powerful.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 features

Xiaomi has already working on the next MIUI Android skin for their MI Smartphone. In our previous post, we have already told you about the expected launch date of MIUI 9. The Nest MIUI will bring lots of changes as well as new features along with it the MIUI 9 will be solving the biggest problem of Xiaomi Smartphone.

The MIUI 9 interface will bring lots of performance improvements and new features over MIUI 8. It is also said that the MIUI 9 will be heavily inspired by the upcoming Android O. The picture-in-picture support is one of the features of MIUI 9, Although Nougat already had that capability in its code, but it won’t be enabled by default until Android O later this year.

Now, Let’s talk about the Xiaomi MIUI biggest problem, If you are an MIUI user or in past, you have used MIUI interference then you should know that Ram optimization and battery draining are the two main concerned for MIUI and we are glad to say that these problems will be solved by MIUI 9. Here’s how?

Ram Optimization/Project SVLTE –

It’s the completely whole new feature in the new MIUI 9. The Biggest problems of Xiaomi Devices are its Ram management because of the heavy MIUI but not anymore gone those old days when people used to say that the MIUI is Ram eating and heavy UI because of this feature in MIUI it will help to improve the RAM management. Also, the processing power will improve with Project SVLTE.

What actually will happen is that the memory used by the apps and system will be minimized, so that there will be always more RAM available for new apps to run smoother and faster.

Optimized Doze Mode –

This feature is similar to Google Doze mode on Android 7.0 Nougat but it’s more optimized specially designed to improve the battery life of your smartphones. The new Doze mode helps in getting extra battery juice by killing the background apps. It also helps in faster processing as your RAM will be freed up by killing background apps.

Here “optimized Doze mode” works smartly in MIUI, instead of killing the background apps it goes into hibernation mode if you leave phone untouched for long time and screen goes off. MIUI 9 will have the most optimized battery saving system.

Other feature of MIUI 9

Other than these two important features there are several other features to look forward like –

Picture in Picture

Picture In Picture ModeThis feature is only available in upcoming Android O but why to worry when you have MIUI 9 on your Smartphone as this feature will be coming in MIUI 9 even way before Google Pixel gets it. With this feature, you will be able to use two apps side-by-side in Xiaomi devices like in high-end Samsung smartphones.

quick reply

Quick Replythis feature allows users to reply text messages from the notifications itself instead of opening the app and then replying it.

Improved Data Saver – This feature is similar to iPhones “Background app refresh”. This feature will restrict the app consuming our data, which we were not able to control in Xiaomi devices before.

Photo Movie Feature (upcoming) – It allows users to turn their photos into a video such that they open one after one just like a slideshow. It will also bring some optimization which automatically restores cloud photos. The Photo Movie Button will be coloured in Red at the upper right corner of the photo gallery that will allow users select between 3 to 6 photos from the phone’s gallery in order to create a 10 seconds video.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recording: As the name suggests its help recording the screen and the daily task on your Xiaomi phone.

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This is the list of Xiaomi devices that will receive the MIUI 9 Upgrade. This list has been found on the official Xiaomi MIUI forum’s post.

New List of Xiaomi Devices getting MIUI 9 upgrade

  • Xiaomi MI6,
  • MI Note 2,
  • MI MIX,
  • MI 5, MI5S,
  • MI MAX 2, MI MAX
  • Redmi Note 4, Note 4X
  • Redmi 4, 4X
  • Redmi Note 3
  • Redmi 3s
  • Redmi 5 Plus

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Abu Baker

What will you say about xiaomi redmi pro


What about Mi 4C?


miui already have sms scheduling feature..

sachin kaurav

When is coming miui 9 in redmi note 4

Yudi Junaedi

ya ini mah fitur uda ada semua di touchwiz nya samsung tahun lalu.


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Well, dual space and dual app already exist in miui 8 so that is not a great deal. I hope next miui 9 come with quick charging enabled and ability to change led notification color, since those feature is disabled by default.
Btw, i am xiaomi redmi 4x user


I m not getting the update on note 4

This is inaccurate. The biggest thing that’s wrong is scheduled SMS. I’m sorry guy but that feature has been around since MIUI V5 over 3 years ago. Screen Recording is also not a MIUI 9 feature. It released a few months ago for MIUI 8. Picture in Picture too. Data Saver and Quick Reply are MIUI 7 features. The only 2 on this list that were promoted as MIUI 9 features are Split Screen and RAM improvements. Even the so called “improved DOZE” doesn’t do anything for MIUI. That’s just because the underlying Android version has that feature but MIUI’s… Read more »

Too many bugs in MIUI 9. THE major bug is charging stucks in 70 percent.


Recording problem is solved or not in miui 9


Miui 8 uses more battery life ,can miui 9 optimize battery life?

Ranvir Singh Thind

Pls anyone tell me should I upgrade my REDMI NOTE 4 (SnapDragon,3GB) to MIUI 9 beta Version? or
Is it coming Officially on My Phone in near Days/Weeks/Months? and If I upgrade my phone to Miui 9 beta versions, is there any problem for that?


I can’t restore old backup to after update MIUI 9

Partha Bhattacharjee

I agree. I recently bought a REDMI 4 – 3/36 – with MIUI 8. Flashed MIUI 9 Global beta 7.9.7 and 7.9.15 thereafter. The battery life is insane. I am a heavy user with lot of browsing, you tubes etc (no gaming though) and I am getting 40 to 44 hours battery life. The UI is smooth. No stutters (except rare occasions). Background data GPS always on. Both SIMs in operation with JIO in SIM2 catering to my data needs. Excellently optimised OS.


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I have redmi 4 (64GB),can I change notification LED color in miui 9


I have Redmi 4X Global, the battery life was 4-6 days with MIUI 8, but recently MIUI 9 has installed itself and now 4 days are not achievable, top is 3 days or often even less . I can literally see the percents of energy going down, while browsing web, etc. At this moment I have Android 7.1.2 and MIUI Global My colleague feels the same way, even though she does not pay so much attention to it and I have seen similar responses on the web. Looking for a fix for this. It is quite unfortunate.