OnePlus 5 buyer accused company for faulty unit with missing volume buttons

Is OnePlus 5 suffering from a major Volume Rocker issue?

OnePlus 5 Volume Rocker Missing

OnePlus 5 has become the talk of the town not only for its Powerpack features or Dual Camera but also for its expensive price tags. After the launch when everything seems going as per the plan but then again OnePlus has managed to find some hurdles and at a time when tomorrow OnePlus conducting an open sale Globally for OnePlus 5.

A frustrated Customer on Twitter Kapil Tondon, posted an image of the device on social media and accused OnePlus of unfair treatment with a caption that reads, “Guys this is what assembling in India does? The just delivered #OnePlus5 Volume button/switch missing!!”

We can clearly see the volume rocker slot, right below the alert slider, empty, which made Kapil frustrated and he twitted the whole Incident on Twitter. Although Kapil managed to find volume switch loosely placed inside the package.

We would like to tell you, that the OnePlus 5 was launched in India last week, and during the whole time was available through Amazon India and OnePlus online and offline pop-up stores, while this user has bought his device from Amazon India.

This Incident raises some question over the build quality of OnePlus 5, is the new Flagship Killer Device is suffering from loose Volume Rocker Switch or they manufactured the OnePlus 5 in a hurry. If you are the owner of the OnePlus 5 better check yours Volume Rocker are they lose like Mr. Kapil found on his device?

Thankfully, in this case, Amazon came to Rescue. Amazon India has authorized a return and replace but due to non-availability of the stock, they offered Mr. Kapil Tandon a full refund instead. Do tell us your thoughts in our comment section.

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