MIUI 9 Small in Interference changes but Big on features – Quick Cards, Split Screen

Xiaomi MIUI 9 will Bring Small Interface Design Changes but will also bring important features like – Quick Cards, Split Screen and much more

MIUI 9 Quick card

Xiaomi MIUI 9 made everyone excited even before its launch that because of its vivid colors and its amazing features. We have listed the entire upcoming feature for the MIUI 9 here and recently, a leaked screenshot of the lock screen showing that it will come with quick launch shortcuts for some apps, including the torchlight. Now some of the lucky media people were invited to experience the MIUI 9.

They have shared their experience with us, According to them, MIUI icon has not changed on the version 9 as it rumored to be but there are few chances but there are not major. It could be the major changes in the UI will be in the kernel build as the MIUI 9 ROM is expected to be lighter and simpler.

There is nothing to be disappointed as MIUI 9 will be packed with lot more new feature and as said by Xiaomi’s CEO that, the Next MIUI 9 will be more stable, extremely smooth and really powerful also enhanced battery life.

MIUI 9 split screen

One feature is surely coming to MIUI 9 that is Split Screen Feature that will look something like this and will be coming early before the MIUI 9 release in Mi Max 2 with Global Beta ROM and then Mi 6 (earliest by next week)

Quick Cards MIUI 9

Additionally, we also get to know about the MIUI Smart assistance to be called as Quick Cards from MIUI Forums. The new smart assistants feature that analyses user data to provide valuable suggestion and frequently used applications with one click. There are also multiple features add-ons such as integrated parcel checking, fitness tracking activity report, e-book reading. Get real-time sports information, live Score etc

Some source even claimed that users will be able to uninstall system apps without rooting in MIUI 9.

We already have told that MIUI 9 is coming to all Xiaomi Smartphone newer to older but some MIUI 9 upgrade will be based upon Android Nougat only while some of MIUI 9 will be based upon KitKat or Android Lollipop also which is been tested by Beta Developers. Do share your thoughts what you think about it in our comment section.

Here’s the List of Xiaomi Devices getting early taste of MIUI 9