Xiaomi announces Mi AI Smart Speaker for Just $45

Xiaomi has launched its own version of AI Smart Speaker to be known as Mi AI Speaker.

Mi AI Speaker

Along with Mi 5X and MIUI 9, Xiaomi also saw the launch of the Mi AI speaker, Xiaomi has joined the growing list of manufacturers like Google, Amazon etc with this smart speaker. Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker looks exactly like a small Mi Air Purifier 2.

At the top, there is a multi-color LED ring which lights up when the speaker is on. There also have the controls setting within the LED ring.

Mi Al Speaker

The Mi AI Speaker boasts 360-degree audio sensing capabilities which should allow it to accept voice commands anywhere in the room, it is equipped with six microphones and two audio drivers, in addition to featuring support for beamforming. Xiaomi claims that the Mi AI Speaker is capable of delivering high-quality audio

With the Mi AI Speaker, you can ask it questions regarding the weather, news, measurements, ask it to set a reminder, alarm or timer, control your home automation devices, play music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. With the phone app, you can install add-ons and plugins to add additional functionality.

Mi AI Speaker

The Mi AI Speaker is its ability to control other Mi Home devices like when you about to leave the house it will turn on the Mijia Security Camera or Call up Mi Robot Vacuum to clean up the house when you leave home. You can connect to the speaker via Bluetooth, DLNA, or WiFi.

Xiaomi has priced Mi AI Speaker quite affordable for Rs 3,000 ($45) the device is set to officially hit the market in China in early August. Sadly, Mi AI Speaker is primarily focused on voice controls and presently doesn’t support any other language except for Chinese.