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Xiaomi still doesn’t sell its entire Smart product range around the globe while everybody knows how good their home products are whether from “Mi ecosystem” or “Mijia” does mainly for that many have to rely upon the International e-commerce sites and they are pretty expensive to import them but this is not the case with Zapals. is an internationally renowned, global shopping website their offices are located in Australia, Hong Kong and Mainland China. They got extensive range of high-quality products at the lowest prices for their customers compare to other popular sites like Aliexpress, Banggood etc

Xiaomi Smart Wi-Fi Remote Control Multifunctional Gateway


The Multi-functional Gateway can connect with many smart devices, like Xiaomi door and window sensor, Yeelight night light and more, meanwhile attached FM & night light function, making your life smart.

Meanwhile, you can listen to the 1200 internet radio broadcast with this Gateway. What’s more, it can be used as a night light with 1600 Million RGB Lights. The devices connected via Zigbee protocol can work without connecting network.

Although the price of this you’ll see around $35 on others global shopping website like Aliexpress, Banggood but here you can get this device about $22 by applying Coupon code: xmsr08459


Note: Customer needs to log in firstly to apply the coupon.

XIAOMI Smart Home Mini Wireless Switch

The Wireless Switch is a kit of the Xiaomi Mi smart home suite which is designed to remotely manage home appliances using a smartphone. Paired with Xiaomi multifunction gateway, it can not only remotely control your home appliances but also set trigger conditions for the other smart sensors of the suite for home automation.

Although its already available at cheap rates for $7 compare to other global sites which are about $11 but then also you can apply the Code: ZA8101 and gets benefits of the price drop.


XIAOMI Smart Door Window sensor

The Xiaomi Intelligent Door Window Sensor is designed for daily security of your house or other places, which belongs to Mi Smart Home Kit, which must work with your Mi Smart Multifunctional Gateway to achieve more functions. It is easy to install with tool-free, just peel and stick. You can control it via APP, the APP will inform you if your house or shop is broke into by others to protect yours belongs in security. You can install them everywhere, like door, window, drawer, mailbox and more

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 Xiaomi Mi Wireless Smart Temperature

Make your phone more sensitive and make your home smarter with this Genuine Xiaomi Home Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor. t allows you to quickly and easily check the indoor temperature and humidity conditions at a glance with the App on your smartphone. It helps you maintain ideal humidity levels in your rooms. When it’s paired with the other smart sensors of the suite, you can set trigger conditions to auto power on/off your air conditioning and humidifier.

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XIAOMI Mi Smart Human Body Sensor

With the high-precision pyroelectric IR sensor, it automatically detects any movements with 170-degree sensing angle. Once a movement is detected, you will get a notification via the Xiaomi Smart Home App. And it can trigger your Yi IP camera to shoot a 6-second video when any movement is detected.

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Xiaomi Mi Magic Cube Smart Home

Make your life smart and convenient with this Mi Magic Cube. The Mi Cube is equipped with an accelerometer and a gyroscope, it also has a unique Mi operation algorithm, which allows you to control your other Mi smart home appliances, like Mi TV, Yeelight, Mi air purifier etc. Six different actions (including push, shake, double knock, rotate, overturn 90 degrees, overturn 180 degrees) will help you to achieve these functions.

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Note: Customer needs to log in firstly to apply the coupon.

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