LG V30 images leaks and comes with Audio Capabilities like never seen before

LG V30 Hi-Fi Quad DAC which brings audio functions never seen before in a smartphone

LG V30

A new live image has given us the first glimpse of the LG V30 and we couldn’t take our eyes from it although it has nasty bezels but still it looks premium. LG is scheduled to launch the V30 on August 31st.

In the image above you can see a few key characteristics like the use of USB Type-C for the charging port and data transfer, as well as the same style display that can be found on the LG G6, with minimal bezels and an 18:9 aspect ratio for a taller screen. Thankfully there is no secondary display that was seen on the top of the LG V20 and LG V10.

LG V30

Recently, LG has released another commercial for the LG V30, and this time, the ad focuses on the audio capabilities of the handset. The video, entitled “The next V: Immersive sound”, was released by the smartphone manufacturer on its official YouTube channel

LG has done the partnership with California-based ESS Technology, the Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC of the V30 introduces features like digital filters and sound presets, enabling a more customizable experience, and high-quality, clear sound even with “ordinary” headphones. The official screenshots seen above provide a quick look at the level of audio customization that the V30 will bring.

LG V30

LG V30 includes a Hi-Fi Quad DAC (digital to analog converter) but better than the previous gen. LG V30 will also have good recording capability as its audio receiver can be used simultaneously as a microphone. According to LG, the handset can record a wider dynamic range of sounds, “from a whisper to a thunderstorm, without distortion.”

Moreover, similar to the V20, the new device will come with high-quality B&O Play earphones in the box. The phone also features dual rear-facing cameras and is supposed to feature LG’s most advanced camera capabilities. There are still no details about its pricing.

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