Why you should not buy YI Home security Camera from Amazon?OPINION  

Stop overpaying for the outdated specs, the YI Home camera is one of them, Here’s How?

YI Home Camera

Well, I think it’s the right time when people should stop overpaying for the outdated specs for the sake of brand and recently launched “YI Home Security Camera” is the best example. Now it has been cleared that we are talking about the Xiaomi Yi security camera.

Here Xiaomi is just the investor in the YI Company and is part of the Mi ecosystem but Yi isn’t owned by Mi. So here in India YI carrying their business all alone, they are not supported by Xiaomi in any kind that’s why you’ll tend to see their product are so overpriced and outdated.

For example, “YI Home Camera” these were launch over a decade ago and not selling well in other countries so YI brought it to India basically to dump those unsold units here at an overpriced tag. Xiaomi sells their Security IP camera under “Mijia brand” which is the real Xiaomi Camera and are very well priced with latest specs here the comparison of both (in the picture)

Yi Home camera

You can clearly see that you are seriously overpaying for the outdated specs and that is too much for the price. While Mijia camera is easily available at a great value price infact at the cost of YI home camera you can easily buy 3 Mijia IP Camera.

We have already done the review on Mijia Camera here, and for the price it’s amazing and the video quality is great with 1080p resolution and has more feature than Yi Home camera. Although it is available on Gearbest, but it won’t take much time to reach your home.

We have also covered this info in the video too, you can find the major Difference in them from the video. When YI Home camera was launched it was priced at Rs 2,990 but as soon they saw the demand they drastically increased their priced to Rs 6,000+ If you like this do share it with your friends and let them know what is right for them.

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