Samsung Internet browser now available for all Android phone

The Best Internet Browser from Samsung now available to all Android Phone

Samsung Browser

Samsung is very renowned for their Flagship devices like Galaxy S and Note Series, while they still struggle OS department Ex – Tizen OS but still Samsung managed to get things perfectly done in some of the app department and the best example of that is the Samsung Internet browser.

The good thing is that Samsung internet browser can now be used across almost any Android device since Samsung Internet was exclusive to Samsung phones and tablets.

The latest changes made in the beta update which introduces a high contrast mode that should make reading more comfortable for those with impaired vision. The update also lets you play around with Bluetooth and WebVR from the browser, as well as sync across multiple devices.

What’s make Samsung Internet browser special is its ability to quick access to content blockers with the addition to Samsung Internet ad block support built into the settings menu. You can also cast Videos to your TV without pausing them.

Samsung browser

As soon as you start scrolling down a page with the Samsung browser, the entire display fills with your internet content and you enjoy the internet as it was designed.

NOTE: Samsung Internet will not work on anything older than Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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