Show your supports to Indian Soldiers disabled in the line of duty with Paytm

Paytm has launched an initiative to supports our Indian Soldiers disabled in the line of duty.

Paytm Soldier support

This is really a great Initiative from Paytm as India celebrates the 70th year of Independence, Paytm launch their supports to our Indian Soldiers disabled in the line of duty. All the funds which will be collected through Patym will be donated to our soldiers and their families who lost their lives or got disabled while protecting our borders.

Additional to that, Paytm has also promised to contribute all of its Income on Independence Day to the soldiers & families. It doesn’t matter how much you contribute but what’s matter is that you contribute to our Soldiers and their Family. Here’s what Paytm has to say.

“They are the reason 1.2 billion Indians sleep peacefully every day”

From the scorching deserts of Rajasthan to the freezing heights of Siachen, from the dense jungles of Arunachal Pradesh to the beaches of Port Blair, the Indian Army is an ever-dependable machinery that has embraced struggle and sacrifice for nation-building.

The Army not only protects our borders but is also the foundation of our Democracy. Whether it is at times of insurgency or natural disasters, they form the backbone that the nation turns to every time.

However, this devotion to duty sometimes comes at a cost. Several army-men are severely injured in the line of duty. But still, they continue to contribute to society, bringing the qualities of discipline, honesty, and integrity with them.


Commemorating the 70th year of Independence, we salute their spirit of valor and fortitude and are raising money for every Indian soldier disabled in the line of duty. Scan the QR Code using your Paytm app and make a contribution to their welfare. We will also contribute everything we earn on Independence Day to these brave army-men and their families.

How to contribute to this Paytm initiative?


  1. Save the above QR Code picture or take a Screenshot of it.
  2. Open the Paytm App on your Smartphone, Tap on “Pay” as shown in the image
  3. Simply click on the Gallery Icon beside the QR box,
  4. Then Search the Image or Screenshot which you have taken and Hola! That’s it

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