BMW Introduces Wireless Charging for your Car

BMW Wireless Charging

We all are quite familiar with wireless charging on the Smartphone as seen in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the recent launch iPhone X but here BMW has taken the Wireless charging to a whole new level. BMW wants to charge your Car wirelessly with the big Wireless Charging pad.

Well, what you see in the Video is the Giant version of the Qi chargers basically similar to charging pad for your Smartphone just the pad is in a bigger size.

BMW Wireless charging

BMW Wireless Charging is the technology that will initially be available for the BMW 530e iPerformance and shortly thereafter for other electric cars and plug-in hybrids from Munich. BMW Wireless Charging loading plate, can charge your BMW battery fully within 3.5 hours

As BMW shows in this video, you’ll need to carefully drive your car over the plate, aligning the charging plate under your car with the pad on the ground.

BMW plans to make the wireless charging technology available from 2018 onwards. Pricing is yet not revealed but it should only be slightly above the current BMW i Wallbox Pro, which is currently priced at around $900 said in a BMWBlog post