Google app suggest that the next version of the Android OS is 8.1

The Next Android 8.1 will bring battery level for Bisto headphone and more

Android Oreo 8.1

The Android Oreo is the newest addition to the Google Pixel series smartphone while it has been out for a couple of weeks but still, it didn’t reach to every Nexus and Pixel device.

According to a teardown of the latest version of the Google app hints that the next version of Android is probably going to be 8.1, and naturally will become API level 27. Google is already working on the next version of Android that will likely arrive in the following 2-3 months for all eligible devices

We should probably expect some neat new features coming our way with Android 8.1 that due to the simple fact that it will be joined by a significant bump in the Android SDK, which is set to hit number 27.

Things that would be changing with new Android Version, is that the icon for the unreleased Google Lens app has been changed. Here’s what it used to look like versus what it looks currently inside the Google app.

Additionally, the code drops a hint or two about Bisto, Google’s rumored smart headphones that will likely challenge Apple’s AirPods. Also they likely to bring the message with the battery level of the headphones each time they connect with your phone.

The Google app may suggest that you’ll have a better experience if Bluetooth audio routing is enabled, and it will offer to make the changes for you. Particularly, it can be related to making your Vehicle Bluetooth integration much better. The new update might land with Next Gen Pixel 2 series in October.