New iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 7 has some similarity and that cracking all the nuts

New iPhone 8 Plus has been reported facing Battery issue, Apple already started the investigation

iPhone 8 Plus battery issue

Yes, you heard it right the latest Apple iPhone 8 and the last year Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has some similarity and that making the iPhone 8 go weak and cracking all its nuts & Bolt.  The all-new iPhone 8 Plus started splitting apart from the Display revealing inside hardware and other similar cases have been reported.

According to report, A lady in Taiwan bought a brand new iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Version just like many Apple fans she was very happy with her decision but her happiness didn’t last for long as she sees after 5 days of buying the phone that the display popped up from the body within three minutes while being plugged in for charging.

iPhone 8

She was using original Apple Charger shipped in the box with the smartphone. Another report also emerged and point to the similar case happened with iPhone 8 Plus this time customer was from Japan his iPhone 8 Plus split open while it was inside the box only.

According to The Independent, Apple believes the splitting is caused by battery swelling but says it does not pose a safety concern. The company confirmed it is “looking into” two reports of the issue.

iPhone 8

One thing is being said to be common in between Apple iPhone 8 & Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is that they use the same battery made by the same manufacturer Amperex Technology Limited. We can say that iPhone 8 had a bad starting but we hope at last everything will be alright.