Pixel 2/XL will get 3 Years of OS and security updates as promised by Google

With Google Pixel 2 you’ll get 3 years of both the updates to the operating system and security updatesGoogle Pixel 2

It’s now official that Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL will get the update for not 2 but for 3 straight years, this includes both updates to the operating system and security updates. Well, this makes Google Pixel Way ahead compare to its competitor.

While the other Android Smartphone struggles in getting latest Android Software update even the big names like Samsung, Sony or HTC some of them take even longer for future operating system updates

Although it’s strange that Google didn’t announce this important Pixel support feature anywhere but just wrapped around & hidden under the support pages for the new Pixel phones.

Here’s the guaranteed software update Timeline for All Google Pixel Series. The First gen-Pixel is confirmed to get 2 years of operating system updates and 3 years of security updates and new Pixels its 3 years for both Android OS and security.