Samsung J7 Catches Fire in Mid Air Jet Airways flight cause panic

A Samsung J7 caught fire in Jet Airways flight causes Mid Air Panic

Samsung J7 fire incident

Mayday Mayday! Mayday! Samsung Galaxy J7 on fire, this ghastly situation was rose on Mid-Air Jet Airways Flight going from Delhi to Indore and risk about the life of 120 people.

A resident of Delhi Arpita Dhal had 3 phones in her handbag kept underneath her seat and suddenly she noticed smoke coming out of her bag. She and her husband Atul immediately called for help, but alleged the fire extinguishers weren’t working.

Samsung J7 fire incident

Thankfully, the crew put that phone in water, the other two phones she was carrying were also put in as a precaution. The incident took place just 15 minutes after the flight took off from Delhi airport.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already banned on flights and now this happens. Samsung is yet to issue any statement on this incident but they are investigating this matter.

“It was observed on board Jet Airways’ flight 9W 791 Delhi-Indore that smoke was emitting from a guest handbag. Jet Airways crew immediately took charge of the situation, as also all necessary steps as a precautionary measure, and as per the prescribed guidelines,” said Jet Airways spokesperson.

Last year, airlines around the world had banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aboard flights after several reports of the device exploding.

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