World’s first 5G smartphone is Here

Qualcomm’s has made the first mmWave 5G smartphone which is said to deliver better internet speed and seamless connectivity.

Indian Government eyeing on 5G Ready India till 2020 and Qualcomm make sure that not only India but other countries to get well prepared for 5G technology which will change how we interact with technology and upcoming mobile communication.

Sherif Hanna, marketing lead for LTE and 5G NR Modems for Qualcomm, has tweeted an image of a handset with the caption “Hard to believe that I have the world’s first 5G smartphone in my hand!”

The phone in the image is Qualcomm’s first mmWave 5G Ready Smartphone but still, it’s a prototype unit for Qualcomm’s first mmWave 5G basically for testing and optimizing the 5G mmWave performance.

We can see this particular model supports Dual rear camera and the Qualcomm Snapdragon logo at the back. In the conversation thread that follows Hanna’s Tweet, he mentions that the device also is designed to support multi-mode 2G/3G/4G/5G.

In the demo, Qualcomm was able to establish a 5G connection with greater than the gigabit per second download speeds and an over-the-air connection using a tiny 28 GHz mmWave antenna module.

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