ZTE Axon M is a crazy Dual-Screen Foldable Smartphone

ZTE Axon M features two 5.2-inch displays combine to form a screen that measures 6.8-inches

We thought that Samsung Galaxy X would be the first foldable Smartphone of this decade but then ZTE Axon M comes out of the course and really surprised us all. This foldable phone comes equipped with two touch screens that work independently when folded and similar alike when joined together.

ZTE Axon M equipped with two screen measures 5.2-inch screens with 1080p Display that can be folded to the size of a traditional smartphone. It measures 12mm thickness but it looks way massive.

The Screen comes with “Dual Mode” were user can open different apps on each screen simultaneously, like playing games in one and watching Video in other. When extended, the two screens can become one larger screen and offer game or video experience similar to that of a tablet although it’s not perfect as still there are in between two screens.

Its doesn’t disappoint you much with its Snapdragon 821 processor with 4 GB of RAM which is still acceptable as ZTE developing this device from a year and then SoC 821 was the latest Qualcomm chipset on the market. It comes with 64 GB of storage that can be expanded by up to 2 TB using a microSD card

The Camera position is quite interesting on Axon M as the camera sits at the front of the device while in the clamshell mode which eventually works as both front-facer, and rear-facing camera. F/1.8 aperture, image stabilization.

It comes with the Dual speaker with dedicated DAC and amplifier which can pick up HD quality voices from up to 20 feet away and USB-C with Quick-charge 3.0. It comes with 3,180 mAh battery and Android Nougat. Price is still unknown for now. Do you think that you need two screens?