OnePlus 5T will be more expensive than the OnePlus 5; Hints Pete Lau

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus is ready to write a new chapter with OnePlus 5T and rumors and speculation already calming it to the best Flagship Killer device from OnePlus but as we have seen in past that with Great hardware comes great price hike

In past OnePlus has raised its pricing with every new OnePlus devices, whether it was OnePlus One which was launched with a $299 price tag and now if we look to OnePlus 5 which is costing about $479

The company’s CEO Pete Lau on twitter shares the possibility of OnePlus 5T pricing on a bit more expensive side.

Mr. Lau says that smartphones are constantly getting better, but the cost of their components is also rising but then he promises that OnePlus fans will still appreciate the new device.

It’s clear that OnePlus 5T will attract a price bump. Recently, Mr Lau Confirmed that the phone’s price won’t exceed $600, so there is a big Relief for OnePlus fans.

According to phonearena prediction, OnePlus is moving with $40 price hike with every new OnePlus devices so looking at it the OnePlus 5T should be priced around $519 for the 64 GB OnePlus 5T and $579 for the 128 GB OnePlus 5T.