YouTube Is Developing ‘Dark Mode’ For the Android App

YouTube v12 APK Teardown reveals a dark mode is in the works for Android App

Youtube Dark Watch

Youtube is the most popular Video Streaming Service on the mobile platform and its look like Google is preparing a dark mode for the Youtube Android application.

Google may launch this Dark Mode in near future in the name of “Dark Watch” to the users. Although the new feature is still in the Developing stage but you can take a peep into the latest version of YouTube’s developer settings and toggle the feature on to check it out.

The “Dark Watch” lets you reskin the Android App into the black making the white portion converts into black and give relief from making your eyes more tired than they need to be after seeing long hours Videos.

Thankfully, the entire user interface of the YouTube app won’t be turning dark when you toggle Dark mode. The only part that will be transitioning is the video panel which, should make sense given that this is the part that will mostly be visible to users when watching videos.

Youtube Dark Watch

Google is still testing stuff and has some work to do before things get finalized. For Ex – text and icons are completely invisible on a black background, even the video title, this needs to be corrected. Google to push this download to your devices very soon.