Jackie Chan posted a thanking message for Xiaomi

Xiaomi Became the Sponsor of the Bleeding Steel Movie

Bleeding Steel sponsor

Xiaomi needs no Introduction in China it’s one of the reputed company and the biggest investor in China. Jackie Chain is another familiar name not only in China but all over the world. Jackie Chan is aiming big with “Bleeding Steel” movie premiering on 22 of December

Xiaomi Pictures has invested in the creation of the film “Bleeding Steel”, where the producer and a chief actor is Jackie Chan. Xiaomi did not disclose the amount invested in the movie but made Jackie chain post a thankful message to all the fans and co-workers

“I am honored to have completed this movie with everyone, thank you all. Thank you also for those who work hard for quality. ”

Lei Jun also shared this video on his Weibo profile. You can see the full version of the video below.