Samsung Galaxy S9 pricing and pre-order date revealed

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S9 on February 25 while Pre-orders in South Korea will begin on March 2


Samsung Galaxy S9 duo official unveiling date is already out which will take place on February 25. Samsung has already have sent the invitation to the media to attend Samsung’s Press event in Barcelona, where it’s written only a number 9 and the words: “The Camera. Reimagined” and it’s not hard to guess that’s it’s a Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Duo will be largely similar to the Galaxy S8 brother with 18.5:9 Infinity displays but slightly reduced bezels and not only the design but pricing will also remain unchanged

The Galaxy S9 is about to cost KRW950,000, while the bigger Plus-sized variant will be KRW990,000 which is around 5% more than the Galaxy S8 model. So Galaxy S9 will likely be around $800 and the Plus Variants will be close to $900 in International market.

Samsung will introduce two different camera variants on the Samsung Galaxy S9 duo; a single sensor camera in the low-end variant and a Dual camera sensor in the high-end variants and we might see higher frame rates in slow motion 480 fps @ 1080p on the Galaxy S9.

Well, the Pre-orders in South Korea will begin on March 2 and will be shipped six days later, on March 8. Let us know in comments what you thought about Samsung Galaxy S9 Duo pricing.

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