FAA is investigating of drone flying dangerously close to plane landing

The unidentified drone operator could face legal trouble

FAA investigating Drone

Sometimes your fun can turn into the pain for others and this happens recently in Las Vegas where a flying drone dangerously came close to a Jet plane landing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigating in this matter of a drone right above a jet landing at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

The FAA is looking for the person who flew this drone so close to an airplane and as a punishment, the unidentified drone operator could face anything from a world of federal trouble to getting slapped with a simple fine.

The FAA can fine individuals up to $1,437 for each violation of flight safety rules. Business’ fines can reach $32,666 per violation. Then there are criminal penalties of up to $250,000 in fines and three years in prison.

Well, the Drone is seriously prohibited near the Airports. Neither is going above 400 feet. In FAA reports, the drones are capable of causing way more damage than birds, especially to a plane’s windshield and wings.

Although the pictures are mesmerizing but it is a serious case regarding the safety of flight and its passengers, people on social media also condemned the drone operator.