After Fox, Sony Might be selling SPIDER-MAN Film’s and its TV Division

Sony is now on Verge of Selling TV Division & film business including ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Ghostbusters’

Sony Spiderman

After Disney acquired Fox now it’s Sony who has also come in a Verge to sell out its stake just like Fox. According to industry experts estimate the company’s film and television assets could be headed for sale following news that Kaz Hirai will step down from his position of Chief Executive.

Now on Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida will take on the vacant position. Yoshida is reported “not too keen on the entertainment business,” one industry observer told Deadline, leading to speculation Sony is “up for a sale.”

According to a report on Deadline, Sony’s stock surged 6 percent at $51.99 amid speculations about a potential sale of its entertainment assets which include profiting assets Spider-Man and Ghostbusters.

There is still no official information about the shifting corporate strategy, while Deadline reports Sony will continue to “look for opportunities to grow its film and television business, whether through acquisition or merger.” There’s been no discussion of a sale, the site adds.

Yoshida said he sees Sony as a technology company that should keep consumer electronics at its forefront.

Sony is best known for producing Playstation gaming system and a wide variety of electronics, including televisions, Blu-ray players, and cameras.

Sony has currently locked a Deal with Disney-owned Marvel Studios, who produced Spider-Man: Homecoming, last summer’s and coming up with Avenger Infinity War up next. Why don’t you check out this awesome Marvel & DC Wallpaper app which include all your Superhero and SuperVillians – Download from Playstore here