Google is working on a Gaming console and game streaming service

Google’s “Yeti” is a gaming hardware, streaming service beast

Google Game Console

Google reportedly developing gaming console and game streaming service, this service will be accompanied on the market by a “Made by Google” gaming console, it has been codenamed as “Yeti”

The news of both the game streaming service and the new Made by Google game console were first reported by The Information. Yeti will also work on Chromecasts but it’s not going to compete with Amazon’s Twitch, since it’s not that kind of game streaming

According to the sources, the game streaming service will be subscription-funded which means it will run an instance of the game on a Google-operated server and then transmit the data to your home console.

In simple terms, Google’s service will stream the games to you over the internet instead of asking you to download them or instead of purchasing the disk so you can play the way you want without any interruption. Yeti will use Google’s impressive cloud infrastructure to broadcast the games to you.

The Made by Google console are said to include the Google Home smart speaker, Google Pixel 2 smartphone, and Chromecast. If it gets successes the Google will fetch $109 billion video game market.