New Samsung Max app let you saves your data, protects your privacy

Samsung Max to replace Opera Max, a VPN with data protection

Samsung Max app

Samsung just announced an Android app to protects your privacy and save your Data while you browse more without any tension and it’s called Samsung Max and can be downloaded from Google Playstore anytime.

Samsung Max comes with two Key features – Data Saving Mode and Privacy Protection Mode. With Data Saving Mode you can compress web pages and multimedia (images, videos, music) accessed by the browser or apps while It also tracks apps’ data usage so you get control of your favorite apps.

While the Privacy Protection Mode is for those times when all you need to connect to an unknown Wi-Fi hotspot, it encrypts your data when it is sent through non-secure Wi-Fi networks. Tracker blocking and DNS masking features make accessing the web a safer experience, be it over mobile or your home’s wireless network.

Samsung Max app

Samsung Max will be offered as a free app starting today, February 23, and it will replace the Opera Max service. Samsung Max will be pre-loaded on all Galaxy A and Galaxy J phones in the following countries: India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Existing phones can download it from the Play Store or Galaxy Apps. Download the app from here