Google changes pistol emoji into water gun in the new update

Google is changing its pistol emoji to look like a water gun rather than a real revolver

Google Pistol Emoji

Google seems to turning away from the reality with the new set of Emoji where Google is changing its pistol emoji to look like a water gun rather than a real revolver. Google is simply following the steps of Twitter and Samsung which also made similar changes in their new update.

According to Emojipedia blog, Google is trying “to minimize cross-platform confusion” through the update. Apple and WhatsApp also use a squirt gun emoji, while Microsoft and Facebook still feature revolvers for the time being.

Samsung also switched out the gun for a new toy gun in its 2018 software release that comes on the new Galaxy S9.

Now Only Facebook and Microsoft are using the Real pistol Emoji for now. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Emojipedia that a toy squirt gun will now be replacing the gun emoji design on Facebook platforms. Nothing has been confirmed from Microsoft side.

In 2016, Google product manager Agustin Fonts was cautious about changing the Android gun emoji to match Apple’s new fluorescent green design, noting that they “want to be as compatible with other systems as possible”.

Google Pistol Emoji

Google’s gun Emoji has gone through major changes time-to-time. Although this is the first time that a toy gun Emoji used instead of a real weapon. Experts believe that these changes are politically motivated.

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