Google Chat is here to replace Android Messaging

Google Chat is the replacement of the default Android SMS text messages

Google Chat

Google has launched new worldwide Chat messaging service, replacing the default Android SMS text messages currently present on your Smartphone. It will be integrated with the default messages app on Android phones, with its new various features.

The Android users will be able to take advantage of the “advanced features” of the Chat app when messaging other Android users.

However, the new messaging service doesn’t offer encrypted messages and its mainly depends upon mobile operators whether to opt for it or not.

Google Chat

The New Chat service will bring upon group texts, videos, typing indicators and read receipts, full-resolution images and video.

The Google always faces stiff competition from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp featuring high-resolution pictures and typing indicators and as a result end up losing but this time Google looks prepared.

Google told The Verge that the Chat services will be enabled for users on a carrier-by-carrier basis. Carriers on board with the Universal Profile for RCS include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers and Orange.

The company believes the functionality to be widely available on Android phones within the next two years.