Donald Trump to let ZTE reopen after fulfilment of their terms & Condition

President Trump said on Twitter it would allow ZTE to reopen in exchange for security guarantees

ZTE US ban

Finally, there is good news for ZTE fans, President Donald Trump agrees to lift the seven-year sales ban that terminated ZTE selling their devices in the US forcing it to cease major operations earlier this month.

President Trump said on Twitter it would allow ZTE to reopen. Trump tweeted on Friday afternoon that it will allow ZTE to reopen their business once again in U.S.

Although Trump has put up the condition that ZTE would have to pay a $1.3 billion fine and commit to offering “high-level security guarantees” and “a change of management and board”. ZTE would also have to purchase a majority of its components from U.S. companies.

ZTE also have to give American “compliance officers” access to its operations. Although there is no confirmation whether the Chinese government will agree to this demand or not.

ZTE ban stops U.S. companies like Google, Qualcomm, and Intel from doing any kind of business with ZTE. By some estimates, ZTE uses components from American suppliers in up to 90 percent of its products.