Google Duplex “Dumping Girlfriend” Demo is Hilarious!

Google Duplex shows you the Hilarious way of ending your Relationship

Google Duplex

Google announced an interesting feature in the name of Google Assistant AI, the “Google Duplex” at this year Google IO. Basically, It’s an artificial intelligence agent that not only make phone calls for you but have actual conversations with real-life people.

Google Duplex is pretty limited to task like: making restaurant reservations, scheduling hair appointments and finding out businesses’ holiday opening hours for now but one Reddit user has shared something Hilarious a conversation with Google Bot and Dumping Girlfriend take a look

Although at first look it seems legit but it isn’t as it’s designed to carry out very specific tasks in what Google calls “closed domains” if we speculate that if John commanded Google Assistance – “Call Diane and schedule an appointment for her to pick up her belongings from my apartment. I am breaking up with Diane”  then How it made the decision that he “wasn’t available” on its own, said one Reddit user.

While the real demonstration in Google IO received both praise and skepticism, with some calling in to question the ethics of an AI that cannot easily be distinguished from a real person’s voice.

The thing that freaking out everybody is that, Google Assistance AI voice used human-like stammers such as “um,” and sounded so realistic the humans on the other end of the line seemed to be completely unaware they had actually been chatting with an AI, making a never-ending debate chatbots should be required to identify themselves to humans. Do tell What do you think about it in our comment section?

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