Google Pixel 3 could have wireless charging and Active Edge

Google Pixel 3

Upcoming Google Pixel 3 is a device full of surprises, as per new reports from XDA Developers the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are rumored to be coming with Active Edge, while the latest developer preview of Android P hints towards  Google-made wireless charger and better native support for such technologies.

According to a report, in-depth code mention both Crosshatch (codename of Pixel 3 XL) and Blueline (codename of Pixel 3) in reference to the Active Edge feature. The Active Edge feature is a squeeze gesture on the Pixel 2 that lets you quickly summon Google Assistant, snooze alarms, or silence incoming calls. This gesture requires pressure sensitive hardware in order to work.

In addition, Pixel 3 might have wireless charging. A new set of permissions in the SystemUIGoogle.APK file mentions two states: DOCK_IDLE and DOCK_ACTIVE. It is a range of code snippets mined from the new firmware references something called the “Dreamliner” The wireless charging integration Android P is set to debut later this year will come in the form of a new device class in the “Connected Devices” menu which will specifically manage wireless chargers.

It is rumored that the rear of Google Pixel 3 is actually made of glass. The last device from Google to support wireless charging was the Motorola-produced Nexus 6 which was released in late 2014