Samsung Ditching Iris Scanner With the Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung has found a more superior technology then it’s Iris Scanner

Samsung will be ditching its iconic mobile iris scanner with the new Galaxy S10 lineup, Samsung first Introduces Iris Scanner almost two and a half years with discontinued Galaxy Note 7, although the thing doesn’t go very well with Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to Bell, Samsung is already developing parts for the upcoming Galaxy S10, but has no plans to include an iris scanning module. Samsung has found a more superior technology then it’s Iris Scanner, A superior biometric authentication solution for its first 2019 flagship series, most likely a 3D camera Solution Apple’s iPhone X and recently released Xiaomi Mi 8.

Does it seems Samsung turning towards Notch Design for its Upcoming Flagship series as the 3D scanner are most popular with its Notch Design or Samsung would do something exceptional  and implement a notch-less 3D camera into the Galaxy S10

Additional, Samsung may include an in-display fingerprint reader as an alternate authentication method, says the report. This feature was previously rumored for the Galaxy S10. Although the Iris Scanner isn’t perfect either, it can be hacked or easily fooled by photo and a contact lens.

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The Bell