Download Xiaomi Mi Moji for any Xiaomi Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Moji English Version now available for all Xiaomi Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Moji

Apple has its own set of live action emoji called as “Animoji” which brings great fun to users. Why let Xiaomi users’ remains untouched with this feature, yes Xiaomi has introduced its own version of Animojis called Mi Moji and now its available for all Xiaomi Smartphone.

The Mi Moji application helps you to create live action Emoji , the users can choose between 12 animated faces and can record themselves for periods of up to 10 seconds and the record time could be extended in the future updates.

Xiaomi Mi Moji

Its quite simple to use, It captures the gesture of users face through the front camera and let users make very funny videos with animated emojis. The audio can be edited from Male to Women and can be shared on Social sites.

One thing to be noted that Mi Moji has not yet been released officially and it is still in Beta Test thus it not perfectly able to perform very well and the Emoji lack in capturing a lot of details of the user’s faces

The Mi Moji app needs Minimum Android  7.0 (Nought) running.  Xiaomi maybe add some more new features to it and Mi Moji isn’t official yet but it might come to MIUI 10 in a future update with the stable version. Till then you can download the app (English Version) from the link below

Download Mi Moji