Spotify coming to India in early 2019

Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs

Spotify India

Spotify is the biggest Online Music streaming service and is now expanding its roots to India. Spotify have plans to launch their service within the next 6 months in India. Spotify have yet to partner up with the major Music rights holders in India.

Spotify has the plan to offer a trial period for full access that’s longer than the company’s standard 30 days, when arrives in India. In India, the Music streaming services are used by 100 million people, but only a small number of people opt to pay for them.

However, Spotify believe they will have advantage by offering more than 30 days free trial period for the region. Spotify received integration into Google Maps, they now allow you to download 10,000 tracks per device. Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs – from old favorites to the latest hits.

Spotify will be competing against popular local apps like Gaana and Saavn, along with Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music.